Origin Story



I launched Hustle + Charm May of 2017, driven by the hunger for connecting with other local female entrepreneurs on an authentic level, without the fear of judgment and comparison. 

I was born and raised in Winnipeg, but lived in small town Lac La Biche, Alberta for two years where I worked as a corporate event planner and communications officer for the local college. While living in Alberta I launched my first business, Strategic Charm Boutique. In the beginning I focused on event planning services, which honestly, didn’t make any sense for where I was. A few months in I decided to shift and focus on helping female entrepreneurs with their online marketing including blog writing, email campaigns, and especially social media with a large emphasis on Instagram.

When I moved back to Winnipeg in the fall of 2016, I was on the hunt for an entrepreneur-based group I could become apart of. I wanted a space where I could connect with other likeminded women, gain tools and knowledge for growing a successful business, and expand my local network. I was like goldilocks – bouncing between lunches, forums, and other networking events, trying to find an organization that was juuuuust right. 

No dice.

All the of the business owners I met along my quest were nice people, but I knew they weren’t MY people. From an organizational standpoint, I felt like just another name to add to the roster, or a dollar sign that may soon be forgotten. Other times I felt I didn’t meet the qualifications to be part of such a prestigious group. Sure I could’ve molded myself into someone who would fit the bill, but I really just wanted to be my bold, often confused, sometimes obnoxious self while getting the business support I desperately craved. 

So I took that boldness I wasn’t willing to let go of, and started Hustle + Charm – a sisterhood of Winnipeg lady bosses who come together to share ideas, collaborate, gain and strengthen business skills, seek and offer support, push one another further in along in our entrepreneurial journeys, and have a shit ton of fun in the process. 

We don’t compete with one another; we celebrate each other’s successes. 

We don’t shy away from real talk; we share our fears and our struggles. 

We don’t keep each other small; we raise each other up so fucking high we’re basically birds, soaring and flying over Manitoba, smiling at each other as we fly closer and closer to our dreams, resting on clouds of entrepreneurial bliss, singing our song of sisterhood, staring at rainbows of ambition, sipping on tiny rain droplets of wisdom, sun beaming on our eager and motivated faces as we drift further and further into the sky of lady boss love and happiness.

Too much? 

I feel like that was too much.

Yeah…that was too much.

Long story short…

We share. We motivate. We laugh. 

Being a boss is hard, but having a family of 30+ women in your corner who are willing to provide you with the love and support you need at the drop of a hat? THAT’S what makes this whole owning-your-own-business thing that much easier and oh so worth it.


Welcome home, lady boss.





Interested in joining a community of Winnipeg women in business? We have the tools. We have the resources. We have the events. We have the connections. All we’re missing is you!

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