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Money, Money, MONEY! Are you in a love-hate relationship with your bank account? Do you feel like you’re debt will never go away? We’ve been there girl! That’s why this week’s blog post is all about money. We are going to break down why you feel the way you do about money, and how to attract more abundance.


First things first, money is not scary, money is not bad, money is not the root of all evil, so get that out your head! The only thing that money truly represents is currency, an exchange of goods and services. That’s it! All those others things we think about money are beliefs we’ve practiced. So you want to make more money? Before that happens, you need to determine what positive and negative beliefs you have about money. The beliefs we have surrounding money are the most influential factors in whether or not we attract it. The way we think about money is formed throughout the years, firstly by what our parents and family tell us about money, or how they treat money. If your parents grew up in poverty, they may encourage or enforce the belief that you should save as much money as possible, and never take risks with your funds. Which will cause you to hold on too tightly to your money, never splurging and enforcing a mindset of scarcity. Perhaps your parents always thought that people who were rich, were corrupt or stuck up. Which in turn would lead you to believe that all rich people are corrupt and full of themselves. We absorb these beliefs and carry them with us throughout our lives, until we can recognize and shift these patterns. The way you feel about money determines how easily it flows into your existence, and how long it sticks around.


The first step to making the amount of money you want, is recognizing your beliefs and shifting them to be in your favour. What are the top 5 things that come to mind when you think of money? Write them down.

Some examples to get you started are:

–       Money is good.

–       Money is bad.

–       Rich people are lazy.

–       I have too much debt to ever be rich.

–       I never have enough money.

–       I am always broke.

Once you figure out your beliefs, think of ways that you can change them to create a more abundant mindset. Instead of saying, “I never have enough money.” try shifting that belief into something like, “I have the ability to manage my money in a more beneficial way.” For every debilitating belief that you write down, try to re-write it in a more positive light. This allows you to take back your power and create change moving forward. The way we think about money influences the way we talk about money. And what you talk about, you will receive.

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Speaking of talking, the language we use when we are discussing money has a big impact on our financial success. If you always tell everyone you’re broke, if you always say you can’t afford the things you want, you will reinforce those beliefs and you will stay broke. When you start telling people you’re rich, they may laugh or look at you like you’re crazy (trust us we’ve had those looks) but by speaking those words, you are sending a message to the universe that you deserve all the cash! And if you’re reading this and thinking “girl, I have $0.73 in my savings account, I am NOT rich” then you’re going about this all wrong. You can be rich in ways that are not just financial. You can be rich in experience, rich in love, rich in wellness, rich in faith. Realizing this and basking in your gratitude is going to bring that money your way baby! What you focus on, you attract, so think about all the areas of your life that are overflowing with abundance already and you will see the numbers in your bank account fill in.


Now, let’s talk about debt. OOoooh big, scary debt… or is it? When you stop thinking about debt as the thing that sucks away your riches, and start viewing it as leveraged money, everything changes. What do we mean by “leveraged money” you ask? Leveraged money is funds that you have borrowed (with the intention of paying back) in order to gain an experience, education, or item. People leverage money in order to pay for vacations, college or university degrees, cars, houses, etc. Most of the time, what you receive in exchange for the leveraged money, pays you back in some way that makes the “debt” worth it. Do you regret taking out a student loan to get the degree that led to your dream job? Probably not. So why do you feel shame and guilt when paying off that loan? Every time you spend a dime you should feel 100% confident and happy in that decision. If you don’t, you shouldn’t be making that purchase. You should feel grateful when you’re putting money towards your bills or your debt. Grateful that you have the funds to be able to pay it back. Money is always coming in, which means you will pay it all off eventually, so don’t lose sleep over it lady boss!


One way to take control of your debt is to know your numbers. Even if you can only afford to pay the minimum amount on your bills or loans, at least that’s something! Have a meeting with your financial advisor (most banks offer this for free) figure out a budget, how much you can spend, how long it will take you to pay off, and check your bank account. Check your bank account ALL THE TIME!  Once you start paying attention to how much money is coming in, and how much is going out, you can take control of your funds again. Knowing is way better than not knowing, and it saves you the embarrassment of having your card declined at Starbucks because you’re living in fear of your bank account.


So how do you go about getting rich? Start by setting financial goals, and be specific. How much money do you want to make this year, this month, this week? Don’t be shy girl, aim high. Then day dream about those goals, write them down, think about those numbers and how you’re going to achieve them. Think about these goals like they’ve already happened. Go on a rampage and talk yourself into abundance. “I love making $1000 a day doing what I love. I love getting paid what I am worth. I love money and money loves me. Money is always coming towards me. I am smart with my money.” Find some phrases that make your heart happy and your bank account swell. You CAN be rich, you CAN manifest as much abundance as you desire, you CAN make fly-your-fam-around-the-world-on-a-private-jet kinda money! There is enough money, clients, business, and financial abundance in the universe for all of us to be rich. The only thing you’re competing with is your limiting beliefs about moolah. So start deconstructing your old feelings surrounding money, and get ready for the cash to flow in. Do you want to keep talking about money with other boss babes? Come join us for our upcoming Money Moves Workshop to discuss how to make the big bucks in your business. We’ll be diving even deeper into what money means to us, and how to start having the bank account of our dreams.



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