How To Be Relatable on Social Media


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When it comes to curating content for your social media outlets, it is important to have images and captions that your audience can relate to and resonate with. Your content needs to make people feel like you “get” them, and you can give them what they need through your business, product, or service. But how do you make sure your dream client loves your content? This week we are chatting about how to be relatable on social media.


First things first, you need to know who you’re talking to. Many businesses make the mistake of wanting to relate to everyone, in order to attract a wide range of clientele. This actually ends up backfiring and having a reverse affect because the content that’s being created is too generic. So even when your dream client comes across it, they don’t resonate with your business because they don’t feel it’s been created just for them. Step one: figure out who your dream client is. What do they like? Where do they hang out? What is their lifestyle? When would they typically be scrolling their socials? What are they looking for in your business that they haven’t been able to find? What need of theirs do you fulfill? Break down and understand the inner workings of your dream client until you have a full scope of their likes and dislikes. Once you’ve got this in your head (or on paper) you are in a much better position to create relatable content for them.


When you make a post with the intention of targeting your dream client and many others for a broader reach, it’s like you’re talking to an auditorium full of people. Some of them may understand and resonate with your message and some may not. When you curate a post and tailor it specifically to what your dream clients would want to see and hear, it’s like you’re talking to a room full of people who can’t get enough of you. They feel like you’re saying exactly what they need to hear, like this message was custom made for them. They resonate with what you’re trying to communicate, and they relate to you.


Another way to be relatable on social media is to be authentic. One of the most sought after character traits in our world these days is authenticity. We hear it all the time, “That person is just so real.” People like people who act like people. As silly as that sounds, it true. Showing your audience that you’re human just like them evens the playing field and takes you off your pedestal. As much as your followers want to look up to and be inspired by you, they shouldn’t feel intimidated or feel like they are below you. Share some of your daily life across your socials, or do a takeover on your stories and show your audience a typical day in the life of you. Be vulnerable, make a post and open up about your personal life or a struggle you’ve had and overcome. This makes people feel like your life isn’t just the highlight reel that you post on Instagram.


Lastly, and most importantly, be yourself. Create content that you love and feel proud of. When you post content and your heart is in it, it shows. You will attract other like-minded individuals just by being yourself. And those individuals will see your value and love your work. The best way to be relatable on social media is to be authentically true to who you are. Don’t take yourself too seriously, this social media stuff is supposed to be fun right? Keep it real, lady boss!


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