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204 Thryft Winnipeg

Melissa and Christine are the dynamic duo behind 204 Thryft. They’re movers and shakers in Winnipeg’s slow fashion industry, and are passionate about providing fashionistas with affordable sustainable options. They each had separate projects in 2017 that began to overlap overtime. It was fall of 2018 when these besties decided their passion and powers were better combined. And from that decision, came 204 Thryft. 

What made you decide to get into the world of thrifting?

Essentially we’ve always been thrifters. As young single moms, naturally we gravitated towards a more economical choice.

Melissa: I began thrifting one year out of necessity. Now that I got schooled on the game I never looked back. 

Christine: I started “thrifting with a purpose” after watching the True Cost Documentary in 2015. 


What resources did you use to help you get started in business?

Melissa: Lots and lots of business, and money mindset podcasts and audio books. 

Therapy. Life coaching. And of course my family was supportive.

 Christine: Honestly the greatest resource we’ve had BY FAR is THE COMMUNITY here!!!


What challenges or difficulties have you faced in your business, and how have you overcome them?

Melissa: I think a big challenge was even knowing what we wanted to do. Finding clarity.

Trying things. Failures are good teachers. 

Christine: Obviously we have had some bumps on the road with having a presence in the community with us being so new in the game still. But I think our biggest challenge CURRENTLY is space. We get so many questions about consignment and not having storage or a storefront is a barrier right now. These things are in the works though, and one of our main focus this year


What have been some of your biggest accomplishments in business?

  1. Being asked to speak at your Boss Babe Pyjama Party #GOALS

  2. The last market we were in

  3. The first two events we hosted

We have been SO FORTUNATE to be recognized and be able to collaborate with FANTASTIC boss babes in the Winnipeg. We’ve had major media exposure just these passed few months alone and now being able to speak about our passion to the Hustle + Charm Community – we’re just so blessed.

204 Thryft Winnipeg

What are a few things or lessons you’ve learned about being a business owner?

  1. Take those risks and learn from your “down days.”

  2. We learned to navigate all aspects of Business. We handle the finance, the marketing, and the inventory. We don’t have staff to do this for us (yet). So we’re pretty hands on and love learning each role of business. Planning pop-up markets is not as easy as taking a rack of clothes and putting them up for sale. We handpick each piece, clean them and curate pieces that fit each markets/season.

  3. Collaborate over Competition. We’re so lucky to have such great support from other Winnipeg thrifters and stylists. We rarely run into a situation where another business owner is afraid to share their ideas with us.

  4. We learned to be proud of al our accomplishments, big or small.


Are you launching anything new this year that you can tell us about?

This year we’ve gone from market participants to HOSTING!!!!

We are hosting our own Market Pop Up on Saturday June 22nd from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at the Bronx Park Community Centre! We have been a part of pop-up shops this year and we are very excited to host our own! We have the BEST line up in preloved and vintage fashion as well as eco makers. Were also working on alleviating our space issue and brining you more pop up dates.  

Do you have any quick tips for others in your industry?

Melissa: Screw the stigma. Have patience. You’ll find your people. Keep talking about it. Educate people. 

Christine: Have patience. I love our business so much and have so many ideas in the works and I constantly have to remind myself that things will fall into place. Also, surround yourself with people who build and push you up.

204 Thryft Winnipeg

These ladies were a blast to have at this month’s Boss Babe Pyjama. They’re definitely making moves in Winnipeg’s slow fashion scene, and we can’t wait to see their business grow.


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