4 ways to make the most out of the fall season


A few blog posts ago, we highlighted five ways to prepare for the fall. Well, fall is officially here and we’re loving it!

There’s something so special about the season, from the colourful leaves dropping from the trees to pumpkin spice everything adorning menus. With the end of summer vacations and the kids heading back to school, many of us also see the return of our usual routines. 

In Manitoba, there are plenty of fun fall activities to participate in, too. Read on to learn how you can make the most out of the fall season!

4 ways to make the most out of the fall season

1) Enjoy time outdoors. 

In our opinion, you can’t beat the fall foliage! Brilliant gold, red, orange and brown leaves fall from the trees and slowly drift to the ground. With its cooler temperatures, fall is perfect for spending time outdoors to breathe in the crisp fresh air.

Here are some ideas on outdoor activities this fall:

  • Go for a walk around the neighbourhood or at a park to check out the beauty of the changing leaves. Extra points if you crunch the leaves beneath your feet!

  • Make raking fun! Rake piles of leaves and unleash your inner child by jumping into them. You can also keep leaves to dry out and use in craft projects.

  • Get lost in a corn maze. As a prairie province, Manitoba is home to plenty of corn fields that make for a fun fall adventure with friends or the whole family.

  • Check out urban green spaces like FortWhyte Alive, which runs programming year-round. They even offer sunset goose flights in the fall!

  • Brave the elements by engaging in some fall camping or, if that’s not your scene, check out one of the many glamping companies throughout the province.

  • Hit up an outdoor spa like Thermea, which boasts stunning scenery in the fall.

2. Fall-ify your home.

Yes, fall-ify is a word in our books! 

It can be as easy as burning a maple- or pumpkin-scented candle, or baking up a storm to fill your home with the scent of fall spices. Throw soft blankets down to make a cozy space for enjoying a cup of cider with a good page-turner.

In terms of décor, put up a fall wreath or make your own using dried leaves, pinecones and other bits of nature! Closer to Halloween, visit a local pumpkin patch to pick out some gourds and carve a jack-o-lantern or two.

3. Take up a new hobby.

As we start to settle in for the winter, it’s the perfect time to pick up a new hobby. Join a book club (check out our post on how to read more books) or start a crafting hobby like knitting or crocheting and create some scarves and mittens to keep you toasty during the colder months.

4. Don’t forget about your business.

If you own a business, there are some activities you can do to make the most of the fall too! Incorporate fall themes into your business where it makes sense. Is there a fun fall event you can host? What about adding a fall menu item? Where can you add fall content to your marketing plan?

Remember: You should also start planning for your holiday sales as soon as possible. That includes Black Friday, which is just over two months away (eep!). 

This is only a short list of the fun activities that occur in the fall! Whether on the personal or professional side, you can make the most of the season before we hunker down for the winter months. Happy fall, y’all!

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