6 fun workout ideas for summer


Warmer days are approaching and we want to feel the burn through the summer – and we’re not talking about sunburn!

There are plenty of ways to get your heart rate up without ever setting foot in a gym. If running late is currently your only form of exercise (*badum tish*), here’s a list of 6 fun activities to keep you moving over the summer months:

6 fun workout ideas for summer

1) Pop a wheelie
The Commuter Challenge is right around the corner (and for those of you located in Winnipeg, Bike Week Winnipeg is, too). Now is the perfect opportunity to tune up your bike and get ready to hit the road! If outdoor cycling isn’t for you, spin classes are a fun way to burn calories, strengthen your core and reduce stress (with a healthy dose of motivation thrown in).

2) Dance up a storm
Whether solo or with a friend, hitting the dance floor is a great full-body workout that’s so much fun, you won’t even notice you’re sweating! From hip-hop to ballroom to ballet, there are plenty of classes available, with drop-in dance studios popping up in cities everywhere. Or, put on a dance fitness video and shake that booty at home!

3) Hit the trails
There’s nothing quite like spending time immersed in nature – while burning calories, to boot! Whether you’re embarking on steep climbs or flatter surfaces, hitting a hiking trail is a sweat sesh you won’t want to miss. Download an app like AllTrails to find trails near you and their conditions. (Make sure to pack provisions and wear appropriate shoes.)

4) Jump in the water
Manitoba is known as the Land of 100,000 Lakes due to its numerous lakes, rivers, streams and other bodies of water. Grab a paddle, and head out on a kayak or canoe (with a lifejacket on, please)! Paddling requires core strength and provides a great upper body workout. Then, jump in the water to cool off!

5) Join a sports team
Get active and meet new people by joining a local sports league! From slo-pitch to ultimate Frisbee, dodgeball to golf, there’s a team sport for everyone. And who doesn’t enjoy some post-game bevvies and appies?

6) Go back to the basics
Walking is a low-impact form of exercise that’s often overlooked in favour of trendier activities. If you’re bored with simply walking around your neighbourhood, try searching for treasures through geocaching. You won’t even feel like you’re exercising!

With a little creativity and a water bottle in hand, you can enjoy fun workouts that go beyond the gym!

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