7 things to do if you don’t have summer plans


A low-key summer is anything but a bummer! After a collective stressful few years, there’s nothing wrong with slowing down for the summer and engaging in some fun activities, solo or with friends.

Looking for something fun to do? We’ve got you covered!

7 things to do if you don’t have summer plans

1.  Explore your city or town.

Playing tourist in your own city is underrated! Book a staycation at a local hotel, glamping dome or bed-and-breakfast, and check out attractions and restaurants you’ve never been to before. Learn the history of your own city by visiting museums or embarking on a walking tour. You may discover some hidden gems that were right under your very nose!

2. Give back.

The most common reason for not volunteering is lack of time. If you find yourself with spare time, it’s the perfect opportunity to donate it to a worthy cause! Websites like Volunteer Manitoba outline available opportunities at a variety of organizations.

3. Take up a new hobby.

Whether it’s painting, crafting or learning a new language, go ahead and take that class or lesson you’ve always wanted to try! If you’re not keen on a classroom setting, there are plenty of virtual options, too.

4. Purge your closets.

If you haven’t gone through your clothes in a few years, set aside some time to declutter. Feeling overwhelmed? Create three simple piles: keep, donate and textile recycling, then start sorting! By the end of the process, you’ll have an organized closet and peace of mind knowing where everything is. 

5. Hone your culinary skills.

Even if you’re a whiz in the kitchen, there’s always room for improvement! Pick up that cake pan that’s been collecting dust in your cupboard and make a yummy dessert. Visit a local farmers’ market (like the St. Norbert Farmers’ Market) and purchase some fresh produce for dinner. We’re sure your friends and family will be happy to taste-test your creations!

6. Relax. 

We know, it’s a novel concept! But when our typically hectic lives experience a bit of a slowdown in the summer, it’s the perfect time to put up our feet and practice a little self-care. If relaxing for you means reading a good book, going for a long run every morning or binging the latest season of Stranger Things in one sitting, so be it!

7. Attend a Hustle + Charm event (or three).

OK, we may be biased, but Hustle + Charm hosts a lot of fun events every month! For example, our July events include:

Of course, we can’t forget about our Pyjama Party on July 14! Where else can you enjoy snacks, goodie bags, cocktails and party games while wearing your favourite jammies and partying with your besties, new and old? (Go ahead – we’ll wait!)

Bonus tip: Make sure to pop into our members-only Facebook group to see if any fellow Hustle + Charmers want to grab brunch, go for a bike ride or check out one of Manitoba’s many festivals!

If your summer calendar is looking a little empty, get creative and have fun trying some new activities! Have a great summer!

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