How to make a 2023 vision board


The concept of a vision board is simple: It’s a visual (and tangible) representation of your goals. All you need are a few supplies and a dash of creativity!

But how do you ensure it serves its purpose? 

We’ve compiled tips on how to harness the power of visualization to make a solid vision board, one that won’t be shoved to the back of a drawer and forgotten.

how to make a vision board

What’s on a vision board?

The answer is: Anything you want! 

There isn’t a set method to making a board, so roll up your sleeves and get a little creative. Start by figuring out what’s important to you and where your priorities lie. If you’re stuck, try going back through journals or past business plans for inspiration. Think big picture or narrow it down to one of your smaller goals. It’s entirely up to you!

Now, for the fun part! Bust out your scissors and cut out images, colours, quotes and text from magazines, old books or other sources that inspire you and represent your goals. You can also add physical items and fun embellishments. For example, if your board is focused on travel, add a plane ticket or photo of a plane. Draw on it, add glitter–the sky’s the limit.

Arrange all of your selected materials on a corkboard, poster board or another preferred medium. Move them around until you’re pleased with how it looks, then affix them with glue/pins/etc. You may not use all of the materials you acquired, and that’s OK. Go with the flow! (If you’re making a digital board, tools like Adobe Express and Pinterest are a great place to start.)

One final note: Don’t confuse vision boards with mood boards! While the terms are similar in nature and often used interchangeably, they’re very different in purpose. A mood board captures an aesthetic you’re striving for, like when you’re planning a wedding. 

What can I do with a vision board? 

Creating a vision board offers similar benefits to writing down your goals. If you can’t see them, they don’t exist! Hang your board somewhere you’ll see it every day to help you stay motivated. We typically place ours near our desk or workspace, or use them as our computer wallpaper so they’re front and centre.

Some people like to leave vision boards as is for a year (or another length of time), while others prefer to update it regularly, adding images and removing others as the mood strikes. Only you know when it should be updated (or not)!

Upcoming vision board events in Winnipeg

At Hustle + Charm, we LOVE a good vision board! That’s why we’ve planned TWO events focused around vision boards this month.

Our Quarterly Planning + Digital Vision Board Workshop on Jan. 19 will help you think about what you want to achieve in business from now until March 31. Once you plan out your Q1 to-do list, you’ll make a digital vision board with a variety of images and affirmations that go beyond your plans for business. Grab your ticket today!

But wait, there’s more! We’re also hosting a Pyjama + Vision Board Party on Jan. 27 at our favourite local coworking spot, TableSpace. We’re talking yummy party snacks, music and fun with friends, all while wearing your coziest PJs. And we’re also making vision boards, too! It’s time to get crafty with your gal pals and support one another while we set our intentions for the year. Not a bad way to spend a Friday night!

Purchase your ticket today and use promo code IMEARLY to receive $10 off your ticket if purchased before Jan. 16.

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