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Linda Drosdowech is on a mission to help women business owners in Winnipeg, Manitoba produce the business of their dreams by managing their procrastination, perfectionism and people pleasing. She loves one-on-one coaching and teaching workshops in person and online. “I want women to feel empowered to be the change agents in their own lives.”

Owner of Word Sense Studio, Linda is a blogger who produces content every week on her website with articles ranging from dealing with failure and rejection in business, to using pleasure as a tool for success.

She lives in with her two teenage daughters. You can find her power walking through parks, being inspired by podcasts, stretching her soul at a yoga studio, or sipping green tea at Starbucks while writing to make sense of the world.  

What made you decide to get into your field?


When I set up Word Sense Studio in 2018, I was determined to get past the blocks that held me back from my dream of writing professionally.

I worked my ass off to challenge my fear of being rejected, my unwillingness to be uncomfortable, and my secret worry I wasn’t strong enough, by devouring the field of life and business coaching. Coaching opened me up to replacing limiting beliefs and fears while pushing me to become the person I wanted to be.  

I began to publish articles, and am currently excited to be scaling my writing business in a way that is both fulfilling and challenging.

I know how painful it is to have a dream or goal and be held back by self-doubting voices that say: “You’re not good enough” so I began writing, speaking and teaching as a coach to help other women push through their blocks.   

What is your mission or the vision of your business?

I help women business owners offer their amazing services to the world by learning to grow confidence by taking action, taking risks despite fear, and being able to handle the inevitable failure that comes with being an entrepreneur. 

Making difficult phone calls, having a photo shoot done, producing content that shows vulnerability and authenticity requires courage, yet is possible if you have someone in your corner who has your back, sees your potential and is cheering you on.

There are probably many, but what was one of the biggest or most important lessons you’ve learned since becoming an entrepreneur?


Don’t wait to do it perfectly. Perfection is the anxious voice that always says: “Don’t put yourself out there. It’s safer to stay small”. Push yourself to take advantage of opportunities that come your way. You can always revise later. 

I hesitated to be featured in this blog as I am getting professional photos and a new logo done next month, but then I took my own advice and dove right in – ready or not! 

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone looking to dive into a similar field or industry?


If someone I knew was looking at becoming an event or wedding planner, I would tell them to get certified and become the best planner they can be. Sure, a lot of event planning skills are “learn as you go” but I can’t stress the importance of educating yourself. It also makes you more credible to clients or employers because it shows you care about your own professional development. 

What are you currently working on that you’re dying to tell us about?


I am creating an online course for women in business who need help and encouragement to push through self-doubt and anxiety to become confident boss women. I am also taking new clients through my Six Weeks to Success coaching program.

Shana Robinson from The Branding Boutique who I met through Hustle + Charm is guiding me through this course creation process and my rebranding.

Word Sense Studio Winnipeg

How did you hear about Hustle + Charm?


I found Charmaine on Instagram and did one of her Instagram challenges. It was a great experience and so I went to one of her Boss Babe Roundtables at SMITH Restaurant at The Forks. I was so impressed by the talent, warmth and openness of the women content creators Charmaine gathered, that I went home and joined Hustle + Charm that night. It is the exact combination of community, collaboration and fun I need to grow my business. To be with a group of women entrepreneurs all taking time to share their resources, talents and ideas is very powerful.

Don’t hesitate to get a membership. Charmaine has a gift for gathering and connecting dazzling women business owners in a dynamic, comfortable and empowering way. It will help you make running your business more fun, fulfilling and profitable!


What was one of the most memorable or impactful experiences you’ve had in Hustle + Charm? 


The Boss Babe Pyjama Parties are a blast. The casual atmosphere is a unique and distinctive way to network and hear excellent speakers, while simultaneously having a manicure, buying second hand clothes, and creating an essential oil scent.


Want to stay in touch with Linda Follow her on Instagram and say hello!


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