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How many times have you left a networking event with a bunch of business cards at the bottom of your purse but no real connection? You barely remember who you talked to do, and you definitely didn’t leave feeling like you just made 10 new friends. Traditional networking always seemed very impersonal and temporary to us. Which is why we created the Hustle + Charm Community! We want you to leave our events feeling like you made genuine connections with people who can be beneficial to your business, and your life. This week we are discussing why non-traditional networking is the!


By focusing on communication and connection first, we are able to create a no pressure environment where boss ladies can be themselves and enjoy the company of other boss ladies! Stepping into one of our events after countless traditional networking engagements is like coming home after a long trip. We want every one to feel comfortable, free to be who they are, and enjoy soaking up all the awesomeness around them. Our mission is to give you the tools and opportunities to expand and grow your business, but also to have a whole lotta fun while you do it!


As a part of the Hustle + Charm community, members have access to different events each month. Events are not mandatory because we understand that life gets busy for all of us. Some events are focused more on business and productivity, while others are geared towards having fun and building friendships. Whatever makes your heart sing, we’ve got something for every lady boss. Our events are guaranteed to leave you feeling happy, empowered, and full of snacks. We love snacks, and wine!


One of our most popular events during October was our Boss Babe Pyjama Party. This event was a BLAST for all who were able to attend. Our goal was to recreate all the parts of teenaged sleepovers that made them so much fun. This event was a great opportunity for our members to talk business in a fun and relaxed environment, as are all of our events. The Boss Babe Pyjama Party had some other amazing bonus features such as pizza, facials by Naked Skincare Apothecary, movies, games, goodie bags, and impromptu dance parties! No matter where we are or what we are doing, our members know how to make any time a good time. Check out some of our favourite memories from this event below. Event photographed by Tache Forbister.

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Non-Traditional networking has so many benefits for us as female entrepreneurs because we have the opportunity to connect with other business owners and collaborate. Who doesn’t love a good collab? Creating an environment with more comfort and less judgment is why we think non-traditional networking is the most effective for our community. Our members rave about how welcome they feel, and how much they enjoy the connections and friendships they’ve made through Hustle + Charm.


One of our fave things about non-traditional networking is the fact that there are no expectations. Wear what you want, say what you want, BE YOU! Our networking events are not suit and tie stuffy, they are warm and inviting. We are focused on community over competition, meaning we understand that when one of us succeeds, we all do! Our approach creates a tribe mentality, a collective of amazing women supporting and lifting each other up, a place for every lady boss to call home.



Interested in joining a community of Winnipeg women in business? We have the tools. We have the resources. We have the events. We have the connections. All we’re missing is you!

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