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You know that never-ending to-do list that seems to get bigger by the day? We have one too, and this week we are going to talk about how to increase your productivity so you can start checking things off your list and crushing your business goals like the awesome lady boss you are!


Speaking of to-do lists, they don’t need to be scary and overwhelming. Having all your tasks written in front of you is a great way to start getting stuff done. Make a list of your top 10 goals that you want to accomplish. These goals should be realistic and achievable for YOU. Now cut that list in half. Narrow it down to your top 3 tasks that have the most importance to you right now, or the soonest due date. Put your all into those three things, cross them off your list, and have a mini dance party to celebrate your productivity (dance party not mandatory but highly recommended. Just kidding…it’s mandatory)!


Are you still feeling like your to-do list is going to swallow you whole? Take the pressure off and get some help. Hire an assistant or intern, ask your friends and family for an extra pair of hands – delegate! Even if it’s only a few hours a week, that could mean less weight on your shoulders, increased productivity, and more time for you to focus on other parts of your business.


Hustle + Charm recently added a new member to the team, Abbey Wawryk – Community Logistic Coordinator. Abbey is here to get things done and help with planning, scheduling, running events, and anything else to make the Boss Lady’s life run smoother. Everybody needs an Abbey. Get yourself an Abbey!


In order to be a gal who gets stuff done, you need to set yourself up for success. This means creating a positive work environment that helps you to be efficient and minimizes distractions. If you are the type of boss babe who works best from home, devote a room or space that is strictly for you and your business. This could be a home office, or just a section of the kitchen table. Either way, that space is ALL you girl! Do whatever you need to do to make it a boss babe power station. If working from home isn’t your jam, head out to your favorite coffee shop or café. Wherever you are, grab your cup of java, laptop, day planner, and anything else you need so you can settle in for some serious work time. Don’t know where to go? If you’re one of our members, come check out our upcoming Coffee + Coworking event on October 28th. Sit down with some of our other lady bosses, bounce ideas off of each other, and get busy! The best part? It’s totally free. Visit our Facebook group Hustle + Charm for all the details.  


As important as hustling is, every hustler needs and definitely deserves some down time. Start to schedule in breaks for yourself. If you know your brain can be productive for an hour at most, grind it out for that hour. Then spend 15-20 minutes catching up on text messages, lol’ing at memes, or taking a walk/stretch. When your break is over, get back down to business and rock it out for another hour.


We can only be as productive and efficient as the tools and systems we use. Its time to synchronize those calendars, streamline your website, and budget for a new laptop if yours is crashing every three hours. Invest in yourself and your business; make your life easier. We all want to simplify, not complicate our work, right?


Implement a few of these tips and tricks, and let us know in the comments how they have affected your productivity in business. Are you ready to crush some goals? Get on it girl!


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