5 benefits of peer mentorship


Entrepreneurship can be extremely rewarding – and at the same time, isolating and even lonely.

Looking for an opportunity to support other women in business, share your experiences and expertise, and build friendships with women who understand what we go through as entrepreneurs? Then peer mentorship may be for you!

Unlike traditional mentor-mentee relationships in which the mentor has far more experience, peer mentorship is more equal, pairing two people with similar expertise or in similar stages of their entrepreneurial journeys. Connecting with like-minded peers can be an important step in your personal development and for your business!

January is Mentoring Month across Canada, so we’ve compiled five key benefits of peer mentorship for entrepreneurs:


1) Collaboration: Who doesn’t love a good collab? Brainstorming with others in a similar industry or with similar goals can help you tackle business challenges. A safe, supportive space will allow you to explore possibilities from others who have already gone through it (and lived to tell the tale).

2) A fresh perspective: There is definitely value in hearing from an unbiased outsider! Someone who isn’t involved in your day-to-day business operations may be able to spot potential problems before they happen, or offer ideas and advice you may not have considered. From there, you can tweak your strategy accordingly.

3) Learning opportunities: Learning from each other is one of the biggest benefits of peer mentorship! A peer mentor will teach you things that you won’t find in a website, book or classroom. You can share valuable resources and information, further develop your skill set and identify opportunities for growth. 

4) Accountability: Struggling with procrastination? Overwhelmed with your task list? Not sure where to start? In addition to emotional support, a peer mentor can and should hold you accountable. They know what it’s like to be a busy entrepreneur and can help keep you motivated and on track so you can reach your goals. 

5) Networking: A peer mentor can open up a whole new world of networking opportunities with like-minded individuals! And psst… being part of a collective like Hustle + Charm is always a good idea! In our community, we support fellow women in business, push each other in our journeys, share ideas and have a little fun in the process. Plus, you’ll receive access to events, resources and programming like our Peer Mentorship + Mastermind program! Why not make one of your new year’s goals to become a Hustle + Charm member and join our community of fierce female entrepreneurs?

In short, peer mentorship offers a number of benefits to entrepreneurs. As with any friendship or relationship, trust should be the cornerstone of a peer mentor relationship. Be open and honest with your mentor – and always be present in your interactions – to gain the most value from the relationship.

Watch for a future offering of Hustle + Charm’s Peer Mentorship + Mastermind program to be connected with a female entrepreneur right here in Manitoba, which can help provide you with the support you need to confidently make moves in your business, share your expertise and experiences, and build long-lasting connections.

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