5 podcasts you need to listen to


Looking for business tips? What about information on a niche movie genre? True crime stories? 

There’s a podcast about pretty much everything these days, and with good reason! 

One of our favourite things about podcasts is the fact that you can bring them with you wherever you go! Whether you’re working at your computer, biking to a friend’s house or tidying your office, you can put on your headphones and listen to a podcast episode or two. And, as an added bonus, podcasts are usually free! Where else can you find a constant stream of free entertainment?

In addition to the entertainment factor, they’re also a great source of information and inspiration. You can listen to podcasts that will help you learn new skills and level up your career. 

There are also mental benefits to podcasts. It’s been said that, since podcasts stimulate mental imagery more intensely than watching or reading, it forces listeners to use their imagination more.

At Hustle + Charm, we’re huge fans of podcasts! We’ve compiled a few of our absolute faves, from the inspirational to the business-oriented, in no particular order.

1. The Grownup Millennial

The Grownup Millennial podcast complements their online community that provides personal development resources for grown-ups. Check out the episode featuring Hustle + Charm founder Charmaine Jennings, where she discusses how to put the ‘social’ in social media and build your personal brand or business through meaningful, dynamic strategies.

2. Startup Women 

Each month, the Startup Women Podcast explores a key area of business, showcasing real entrepreneurial challenges from women-identifying founders as well as actionable steps and solutions. On the podcast, they feature leading experts, entrepreneurs and organizations that can help you make your business vision a reality.

3. All My Relations

In the All My Relations podcast, co-hosts Matika Wilbur, Adrienne Keene and Desi Small-Rodriguez dive into different topics facing Indigenous Peoples today. Episodes cover a range of topics from food sovereignty to literature to identity and more – be sure to check it out for an inspiring look at our relationships to land, to our relatives and to one another.

4. Your Gut Reaction

In her popular podcast – Your Gut Reaction – Winnipeg health guru Marla Barr discusses every aspect of your wellness and healing, from digestion to depression, gluten to grief, relationships to self-love rituals and much more! Learn all sorts of wellness tips and tricks.

5. The Brand is Female

Hosted by Eva Hartling, the weekly The Brand is Female podcast shares authentic stories by and about iconic women of all backgrounds, from entrepreneurs to business leaders to creators to mothers. The common thread? All of them are unlocking their own potential, breaking through barriers and making the world a better place.

Did we miss one of your favourite podcasts? Make sure to share it with us on social media! If you’re more of a book lover than a podcast listener, you’ll be excited to hear that Hustle + Charm is officially launching a book club! For more information, follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter.


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