6 benefits of coworking for entrepreneurs


Picture a beautiful modern office space, with individuals from different industries tapping away on their keyboards and sipping on their coffees.

Coworking spaces – or shared office spaces – have exploded in popularity over the past decade. Though many coworking spaces originally catered to small business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers and nomads, the list has since expanded as more and more workplaces reimagine their work culture, modernize their office setup, and consider remote and flexible work arrangements.

In short, it looks like coworking is here to stay! At Hustle + Charm, we’re huge believers in the value of collaboration, one of the key benefits to these spaces. We’ve compiled six benefits of these spaces for entrepreneurs:


1. Increased productivity

For a lot of people, the ability to work with fewer distractions is welcomed! If you’re someone who gets easily distracted working from home, a coworking space is for you! 

From their setup to the overall atmosphere, these spaces are optimized to ensure productivity and often have everything you need to complete your work. They can also help create more of a work/life balance since you can separate your work from your home.

2. Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility!

Many coworking spaces are open 24-7, giving you much greater flexibility in your work day. Typically, they offer different membership packages that allow you a specific amount of access and amenities every month, and you can tailor your schedule to meet your business’s specific needs. 

3. Cost savings

Who doesn’t like saving money? Coworking packages are very reasonably priced and also include perks like free coffee and snacks. 

One fantastic benefit is that you only pay for the space you need. You won’t have to worry about signing a long-term lease agreement as you can often sign up on a month-to-month basis, with the flexibility to change your membership package as needed. 

Plus, since coworking spaces typically offer amenities like cleaning staff, printers, Internet and kitchens, you’re saving on overhead costs right from the first visit.

4. State-of-the-art equipment 

Office furniture? Check.

High-speed internet access? Check. 

Printer and paper? Triple-check!

Most coworking spaces have everything you’ll need for a typical business day, equipped with practical amenities as well as extra perks like fitness facilities. Bonus: In addition to shared workspaces, they often offer private offices and conference rooms for rent.

5. Opportunities for networking and collaboration

We’re all about that networking life! One of the biggest benefits to coworking is the opportunity to connect with people – from your own industry or others – that you otherwise wouldn’t meet.

Most coworking spaces hold networking and other business-related or educational events, as well as social events. In fact, Hustle + Charm has hosted several of our events at TableSpace Coworking Co., a local coworking space in Winnipeg!

Not only that, but working alongside other entrepreneurs also allows you to bounce ideas off them. 

6. Support and mental wellbeing

Sometimes working alone can be, well, lonely! With coworking, you’ll have the company and support of other entrepreneurs, reducing the feeling of isolation when working alone or from home. 

Though not every advantage of coworking spaces may benefit you personally, it’s hard to deny the benefits they present to entrepreneurs. From associated cost savings to convenience to collaboration, coworking spaces provide a great option, one that won’t be going away anytime soon.

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