5 ways to Thrive heading into Fall

It can be saddening to think that our summer months are coming to a close. We might even want to avoid the thought of going back to work or school at all costs to enjoy what is left of our vacations. But the reality is, fall is right around the corner and if you can take a few minutes to organize your thoughts, to-do list, and calendar now; your future self will thank you. Take a look at our key suggestions in making your back to work or school transition a little less painful and more manageable.

H+ C BLOG- 5 ways to thrive heading into fall

Where to start? 

We suggest taking a look at your to-do list, calendar, and life from a 30,000 ft. view to get the big picture. Include anything coming or continuing into the fall months such as business/  work requirements or personal and family obligations. Knowing what is already planned and what needs to be completed will allow you to stay on top of things and maybe even schedule in more fun! 

These are just a few things you can start incorporating now:

Schedule appointments

Take some time to schedule appointments you’ve missed or put off. It may not be glamorous, but once you are back into a fast pace of life, the last thing you will want to do is add another thing to the to-do list. This could be an oil change, a haircut, or taking your dog to the vet. 

Review your current work

Make time to wrap up projects and do your best to complete things for this season. Noticed you’re running out of fresh images to post? Take advantage of a natural summer backdrop and schedule a photoshoot to stock up on new images that will last you the rest of the year!

Schedule down time

Leading up to the first day back, having some time to yourself is important. Spending time with friends and family can be just as or more tiring than your normal work day! Give yourself a day or more, whatever works for you, to rest and reset before jumping into the fall routine. Routine changes can be very stressful on the body, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Don’t ignore how you feel, you deserve the rest. 

Organize your content

Creating content for social media is vital to any business these days and when life gets busy, it could be put on the back burner. Avoid having to stress about your content while everyone else needs your attention by planning, creating, and scheduling content now. You could have multiple posts, stories, and videos scheduled for the coming weeks by setting aside a few hours now with batch working

Get to bed early

Easier said than done for most of us, but it is very important to get to bed early and allow your body to adjust for an early rise. Did you know that it takes roughly 2- 3 weeks of a consistent sleeping routine for your body to fully adjust? You can slowly adjust your wake time and bedtime by 15 minutes each day to make an early start more manageable. 

IMG_5140 (1).jpg

With many things starting or ramping up, don’t forget to stay on top of the things that aren’t changing. Schedule in your time to work ahead and complete tasks on your to-do list that are in your current routine. Slowly add in some of our suggestions to your routine now and by the time September rolls around, it will be old news. You could focus on getting to bed earlier this week and take inventory of your big picture. The following week, schedule appointments and review your current work. Feel free to add in any other changes you’d like to see in your current routine and introduce them as you go. Small changes lead to big results, by making adjustments now the change in season could be a breeze!

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