3 Ways outsourcing could level up your business


As a business owner, you will likely wear many hats during your day. CEO, creative manager, marketing manager, customer service representative, and so many others. At home you still have obligations, being the chef, taxi, teacher, or any other roles you fulfill . Instead of  doing it all alone, we’re here to help you prioritize tasks, learn how to ask for help, and find the right people to get the job done! 

What the experts can give you

Leaning on professionals to complete work could save you the headache and valuable time. Wouldn’t you rather do more of what you love in your business? We know we do! Sometimes it’s more efficient to make the investment into something you are not skilled in, rather than taking hours to complete it. Some examples could be to hire an accountant, house cleaner, or a marketing and social media management company. These people are all experts in their own right. Your investment into marketing and social media management could leave you with more time for creativity and future business expansions. Less time cleaning the house could leave you more time to be with your family. 

By outsourcing  or assigning tasks to other staff members you will have less on your plate and more freedom to choose other things you actually want to do.

  • You will be better able to maintain flexibility in your schedule, prioritize both work and business with more time free in your schedule. 

  • Take time to hire new staff or outsource and it could bring in extremely talented people, fresh perspectives, and new ideas to your business.

  • Allow you to prioritize company morale, team collaboration, and look to the future of your business!

How do I begin when looking to outsource? 

What areas create the most stress or eat up too much of your time, but are necessary for you to function day-to-day? Those are the first tasks that should be considered for outsourcing. Bringing in a professional to do the work efficiently and correctly will save you money compared to a staff member just learning. You will also safeguard your own mental health by removing such a stressful task! We don’t know about you, but that sounds like music to the ears. 

Things to consider before you outsource: 

  1. Research:

Do your homework before starting with a new staff member or outsourcing a professional. Knowing what your internal needs are first and foremost will help you to identify every detail and task that could be handed off, And help you identify where you can take on other tasks, or schedule down time. Look at the daily tasks, monthly, and big picture tasks. Think of your everyday tasks (driving the kids to school or grocery shopping), events, product launches, marketing campaigns, etc. All of these tasks take time out of your day. Can you make small changes now? Maybe do an online grocery order and pick up rather than roam the store. Look into who your prospective third party partners are. Get a sense of what they offer, how much this service will cost, and what their online reviews from others say about their services. 

2. Outline clear needs

When heading into a meeting with a prospective outsourcing provider, have your ducks in a row. If you have a clear indication of your expectations and needs, things will be smooth and efficient. They will either be able to give you what you need, propose a new way to help, work diligently to meet those needs for you or you will move on to someone who can. 

3. Plan ahead

You will be relying on your third party provider in a big way, sit down with them and organize a plan. Outline key dates, deadlines, problems they may run into, etc. You are best suited to know they’re set up for success and have backup plans in place. Crazier things have happened, so alway have a plan B! 

4. Evaluate and measure

Setting goals and measuring whether you have met them will be key in your outsourcing venture. Knowing where it is you currently are and what you’re on track for will help you to make small adjustments if needed and continue with things that are succeeding. By setting goals with your third party provider, there is a clear expectation set to return to if results are not met. 

Outsourcing parts of your busy life at home or work doesn’t have to be scary. By offloading tasks from your to do list, you will free up time for the things that matter most to you! Experts in their field are just that, experts. Do your research to bring in a quality service provider, outline clear expectations, and measure the success of your new productivity. Sometimes we think we can or have to do it all, but the truth is that it takes a village. Don’t be afraid to lean on the people who can make things easier for you in the long run. 

If you find yourself scrambling to post your content and feel like it’s the last thing on your to-do list, maybe you should consider outsourcing your social media. Our sister company Strategic Charm Boutique specializes in social media management and marketing. We would love to help you! 

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