Celebrating Black-Owned Businesses in Winnipeg


As a community founded by a Black woman, and a community who values and celebrates diversity and inclusion, we think it’s important to use Black History Month as an opportunity to highlight and celebrate Black women in Winnipeg.

That’s why we’re hosting a ‘Celebrating Black Women in Business’ panel on Feb. 28 at local Black-owned business Diaspora Café. Without further ado, we’d like to introduce the panelists!

Roxanne Tackie, Story Point Consulting

Roxanne co-founded Story Point Consulting, along with her sister Rochelle Greaves, to build fundraising capacity for staff and volunteers of small, grassroots nonprofits. She has over a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector, including work as an executive director, creating fundraising plans, grant writing, prospect research and donor stewardship. 

The sisters have given presentations at local and national events and conferences across Canada on fundraising, equity in philanthropy and data-driven fundraising. One of Roxanne’s greatest joys has been to work alongside her sister, who is also her best friend. 

Roxanne is also passionate about equity and inclusion work. She sits on the board of directors of the Congress of Black Women of Manitoba and the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access Committee for the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Manitoba chapter.

“I have found that the voluntary sector really mimics what we see in our world,” she says. “Black and Indigenous-led nonprofits are significantly underfunded, and the pandemic has really highlighted these disparities. This has been a great time to use my voice and life experience to elevate these issues so we can speak about them, and I am hopeful that changes will come.”

Patrice Gilman, Gladys Caribbean Kitchen

A mother, wife and entrepreneur, Patrice spent her 20s pursuing her passion and honing her craft in gastronomy. 

Achieving her bachelor of science in culinary arts, post-grad certificate at the Culinary Institute of America and also her MBA, she went on to spearhead multiple food service operations in Jamaica and Canada. In May 2021, Patrice and her business partner, Deidre Coleman, started Gladys Caribbean Kitchen in Winnipeg. 

One of her strengths lies in her ability to develop, train and motivate others to maximize their capacities. She has personally led social initiatives though charity and is active in her Christian faith community.

“Being a Black woman in business showcases our tenacity, buoyancy and strength. I am a third-generation business owner so many things came natural to me; however, many things were challenging, especially being in Canada where women of colour are a minority,” she says. “I am expected to work twice as hard to get half the recognition. However, consistency with a solid product and excellent customer service will tell your story for you.”

Rachel and Miriam Okot, Rich Flower Lashes

Rachel and Miriam are co-founders of Rich Flower Lashes, where each pair of lashes is constructed with extraordinary care and named after exclusive types of flowers, representing a whimsical and vibrant collection. Their goal is to be the leader in the mink lash market and to provide the highest-quality lashes at affordable prices.

“Being Black women in business comes with many challenges such as funding, support and being visible in such a saturated market. Where we struggle the most is building TRUST not only in our own communities but with others. This is why I think it is important that we band together and build a network where people are stronger together,” says Rachel.

“We believe when we come together and align our talents, we can truly be successful,” she continues. “I have been a photographer for over a decade and my sister, being a chef and also in the business sector, showcases that when we come together we can create magic. Our brand is focused on celebrating each person’s individualism and the beauty that makes you unique.”

Join us for an evening of inspiration, empowerment and a celebration of Black excellence on Feb. 28! 

We encourage guests of all ethnicities to embrace this great opportunity to learn about different industries, ask questions to help facilitate your business growth, and to discover ways to build and support diverse and inclusive communities. Purchase your ticket today!


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