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At Hustle + Charm, we’re more than a business community. We’re a community for all women and those who identify as women in Manitoba, entrepreneur or not. 

Our connections and collaborations have led to some genuine, long-lasting friendships within our group, which is exactly why we founded Hustle + Charm in the first place! There’s nothing quite like a community of supportive women who want nothing more than to see you succeed and to inspire one another. 

Adult friendships can help you create meaningful connections. According to research, engaging with female friends can even reduce cortisol levels, increase serotonin and help you live longer. Yes, please!

If you’re looking to forge new friendships and be part of a community, here are four easy places you can explore:

  1. Join a group like Hustle + Charm. (Hello, shameless plug!) Keep reading to learn more about the benefits we offer.

  2. Attend conferences and other networking events. Foster any connections you make in an organic way.

  3. Volunteer with a local nonprofit of your choosing. Check out these helpful tips to help you find the right fit! 

  4. Try new things. Join a book club or a rec league softball team, or sign up for a cool workshop on a topic that interests you. Not only will you have fun, but you’ll also meet people with similar interests. 


Check out our upcoming Winnipeg events for women!

As a community founded by a Black woman, and a community who values and celebrates diversity and inclusion, we think it’s important to use Black History Month as an opportunity to highlight and celebrate Black women in Winnipeg. That’s why we’re hosting a ‘Celebrating Black Women in Business’ panel on Feb. 28. Read our recent blog post for the event details.

‘Community over competition’ is not just another hashtag we use on Instagram; it’s one of the mottos we live by in Hustle + Charm. Our Hustlers Roundtable event series is designed to bring women of similar industries or interests together. In recognition of International Women’s Day on March 8, our next roundtable is for female-focused business owners.

It’s time to get out your favourite jammies for our Hustle + Charm Pyjama Party! This time we’re switching up the party vibes and hosting our signature event at Fortify, a healthy plant-based eatery, wellness retail shop and natural medical clinic. Whether you’re joining us to learn about health, wellness and business, to see what Hustle + Charm is all about and how we aim to support you in life and your career, or you simply want to enjoy a fun Friday night out, you’re invited to join in on the fun!

Hustle + Charm includes a number of membership benefits, including collaboration opportunities, free and discounted events, a members-only Facebook group and more! Join our community of amazing women today!
Make sure to follow us on social media and be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on all of our upcoming events!


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