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Think back to when you were a kid, heading back to elementary school in the fall. Do you remember getting your school supply list from your new teacher? You know, the one with #2 pencils, Five Star notebooks and a box of tissues. Now that you’re a grown up, no one is putting together a list for you every year, but you likely still need some of the same supplies to get the work done. We thought we would take that load off for you and put together a list of the top supplies you need as you head back into your routine and back to work this fall.

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Let’s start with the basics, stationery! Many things can be done online or on your computer but there is still something special about getting your thoughts and to-do’s down on paper. Be sure to stock up on a few notebooks or journals to brainstorm and take notes during meetings (online or in person!) Pens, highlighters, sticky notes and page flags will also help you to stay organized across all areas of your work day. One of the newest shops in The Exchange, Denatured Lab, has amazing quality stationery! With a variety of lifestyle items, you should be able to find everything you need and more. 

Whether you prefer a physical paper or digital version, a planner and calendar are a must to stay organized. When looking for a planner take a look at your needs and choose layouts that work for you. The Goal Chasers has created the ultimate planner for a busy mom or CEO  with  goals to crush, with new and improved options for every year. If you prefer to organize your life digitally, we recommend a few digital calendars that integrate to many systems you’re probably familiar with. Calendars by Google and Outlook provide quick integration across all your devices, straight from your inbox to calendar and to-do lists. With tons of other third- party organizations that specialize in planning and calendars a quick search online will give you lots of options to find what works for you. We also love Calendly, a subscription service with great calendar options and perfect for scheduling meetings.

A quality tote or bag is a must if you’re hedging to the office every day or when you need to switch up from the home office to a coffee shop with a view! Earth and Hide are experts in handmade quality leather totes, bags of all kinds; even laptop sleeves. If you’re looking for a fun evening, they also run workshops where you can make your own bag! Choosing a local shop will not only let you support a small business, it will give you a unique item, and ensure you get exactly what you need. 

No matter what your day looks like, a good cup of coffee or tea to start the day is a must! Don’t forget to put your favourite coffee or tea and a good mug on your list. We suggest visiting The Forks to find great take-home coffee from Fools & Horses and the Forks Trading Company to find a great mug or travel cup. We know how important it is to start the morning right and have a pick-me-up for the afternoon. Starting your mornings with a routine can be extremely beneficial, use your morning coffee as a catalyst to win the day!

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Your supply list should include the basics and fun stuff to make your work day both productive and enjoyable! Find your quality notebooks, pens, highlighters, planners, and calendars to set the foundation for success. Make your workday more fun with your favourite mug, stylish bag for days on the go, and something aesthetic or calming for your home office like a plant from Village Plants or a diffuser. Finally, something we think  should be on everyone’s list in 2021 is a ‘Do not disturb’ sign for your door! Helping others know when you’re busy could be the difference between a disrupted meeting with your boss or client, and a productive work session. Make it a fun craft, use a funny pun, or simply use an item you already have to hang on the door. Get back into your workflow with this supply list and feel free to add to it! 

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